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5 star business

I’ve been having singing lessons with Purdey for 9 months so far, and I’m loving every session! My confidence and knowledge has grown, and Purdey is great at breaking things down, giving you areas to work on and we have fun every single lesson. I absolutely love my lessons and look forward to them every time - to think less than a year ago I would only sing alone in my car, and now I’m posting videos online, doing studio experiences and signing up to vocal performance bootcamps; all thanks to Purdey! 


The great thing is she takes the time to organise these other activities to give lots of variety and new experiences. Even with Lockdown, we’ve been doing our lessons via online video and we are still making just as much progress. For anyone who’s thinking about messaging Purdey about lessons, I 100% recommend it. Whether you’re a beginner or someone with lots of experience, you will definitely get a lot out of singing lessons with Purdey! 

Ali Clarke - Adult Learner

Our unique approach to teaching is why so many of our students come back to us time and again. See what some of our present and former students have to say about studying with us. To find out more, just get in touch.

I just want to give a big shout-out to Purdey for the guidance, advice, and encouragement she has given me in the lessons.

I feel so much more confident about my ability to sing, and this gives me the encouragement and incentive to keep pushing on... under the watchful ear of Purdey!!! 

For anyone out there who may be holding back on having either online or face-to-face lessons, I would urge them to give it a go, especially given the amount of free time we currently have on our hands in covid its back to my practice routines!!

Kevin Rubery - Adult Learner


Purdey is an incredible vocal coach with amazing knowledge and a fabulous supportive attitude. After not having the confidence to sing in front of people for over 20 years, Purdey showed a lot of patience and encouragement with me and since then I have sung on stage in front of an audience! Purdey makes and finds opportunities for her students, such as showcases, performance workshop weekends and a wonderful choir. You'll not regret booking lessons with her. Thank you Purdey!

Tara Winter - Adult Learner

Highly recommend Purdey’s singing lessons, I first started my training with Purdey in September 2020 and I can already hear great improvements within my technique and my confidence. Lessons are always really friendly and enjoyable, highly recommend!

Emma Barnes - Adult Learner


Purdey is so easy to communicate and get along with, her lessons are a pure joy and something to really look forward to. I went mainly to boost my confidence, not only in singing but in general and her lessons definitely did that. Her knowledge is outstanding, and she teaches it in a very easy way to understand. Highly recommend!

Maria Phillips - Adult Learner

Purdey has been teaching my 10 year old daughter for over 18 months. During that time I have seen her confidence and ability really improve. Purdey is kind and encouraging and has really helped my daughter through a difficult time in her life. She takes a genuine interest in her students and will go out of her way for them. Recently, due to the current social distancing rules, the classes have moved online but my daughter continues to really enjoy them and benefit from them.

Jo Relf for Lucy - Young Learner

Purdey is very professional and really has done an amazing job helping my daughter to sing but also building her self esteem. she sang for the family the other day something I would never have thought she would thanks so much we look forwards to her lessons with you.

Bek Sandford for Tiana - Young Learner

Ben is a great tutor! Friendly and goes at the pace that’s right for you. Always able to work on songs you pick yourself and you really notice your improvements

Oliver - Adult Learner

Artwork of Hamilton in vocal studio

My daughter started lessons with the lovely Purdey and has now had 5 sessions with her. Three of these lessons have been online due to the current pandemic and I must say it has worked so well and we have still received the same results as we would have in her studio. Purdey is a great teacher who is supportive, honest and friendly and my daughter really enjoys her company. Please do not be put off by online lessons as they still work very well.

Katie Bilclough for Chloe - Young Learner

Purdey is a really great vocal coach, who is happy to work at your pace and to take account of your preferences while giving you enough frameworks and structure to make progress and learn.

She is always able to helpfully coach and add value, asking questions or suggesting things as you work on a song, in such a way that it builds on what you are doing and make you feel more confident and competent.


Lots of empathy and a willingness to listen and understand what you are feeling as you sing. Loving my lessons

Adrian Peryer - Adult Learner


More reviews can be located on my Facebook page and on Google.

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