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Exploring the world of singing

My teaching style focuses on skills training, but also emphasizes self-exploration and discovering a passion for something new. Take a look at the selection of lessons and courses I provide and choose the right one for you.


Young girl singing into microphone in recording studio

Customised to fit your needs

An informal chat will discuss past training and performance experience (if any) and goals with regards to singing. The first session will also address what you hope to achieve from the lessons, check in on technique (if any), and identify any bad habits. Most importantly, a good working relationship is a priority so together you’ll discover if you and your coach are the right combination.

Get in touch for a free phone consultation and to arrange your first discounted lesson.

Sessions available online & in person.

Duration; 60-90 minutes

Fee; £15.00



Guaranteed Success

No matter your level of skill or experience, you'll gain an incredible amount of knowledge and resources from each session. With this, you will also be able to access over 200 vocal exercises at home and be part of a like-minded online community.

In this safe working space, your coach will encourage you to take risks and, perhaps, try things vocally that you’ve never done before. Every singing lesson is tailor-made for you – your ability, your needs, your goals, your pace, and your enjoyment

Sessions available online & in person.

Duration; 60 minutes

Fee; £50 (pay-as-you-go)

Discounted packages available - See below.



Customized to Fit Your Needs

Purdey offers a wide variety of services, ranging from choirs, band support, music therapy workshops, and much more. 

Having lots of experience in group settings, we tailor the sessions around your requirements. 

Be it from wanting a choir leader, some feedback for your band, and working with dementia groups. 

We will discuss your requirements for the event and we will be tailoring the content to the highest standard.

Duration and fee vary.

Get in touch for more details!

Silver package deal
Gold package deal
Lesson package deals
Platinum package deal

X5 1hr Lessons


(Save £22.50)

Use within 3 months

(£45.50 a session)

X8 1hr Lessons


(Save £72)

Use within 5 months

(£41.50 a session)

X10 1hr Lessons


(Save £142)

Use within 6 months

(£38.50 a session)

Screen White Noise


  • ​Over 200+ vocal warmups and exercises to practice in the comfort of your home.

  • Online login student portal to track your progress & book sessions.

  • Utilise key methods and techniques within singing.

  • Discover various performance strategies to ‘hold’ an audience.

  • Combat different music styles and vocal effects.

  • Sing with more power, more range AND do this all with ease.

  • Access to various workshops, performance trips, chance to participate in our Sunday Sessions and more


Enjoy the comfort and convenience of online singing lessons. 

We have been coaching singers who cannot make it into the studio, either because they live elsewhere in the UK, because they live in another country...or they just can’t spare the travel-time from with a busy schedule. 

This is a great way to learn!

Online lessons are easy to orchestrate! 

Get in touch for more details about learning online from the comfort of your own home! 

Purdeys Singing Academy on laptop
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